viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

CHEPE CUADRA y la Asociación Internacional de Artistas Digitales Mobil

During the October weekend of the 22nd to the 25th I attended a very important event, in Ney York City, organized by iAMDA (international Association of Digital Artists) which philosophy is to promote and support artists who utilize mobile media to create art. It describes it self as ”A organization committed to supporting artists through the development of educational resources, programs, workshops, conferences and promotional events (i.e: group exhibitions)”.

The event took place at TIshITP school of design in lower Manhattan, a lot of conferences around the subject where going on along with presentations- tutorials of apps and developers talking about their apps e.i : Steve Sprang with a talk about his app BRUSHES and the new features soon to come out on the market.

The event was full of activities out of the Tish institute. On Friday night we met at LOLITA bar where all the digital artists made acquaintances, and hung our mobile digital art from the walls, on a very informal way. On Saturday night after a whole day of conferences we went to the MET to the Egyptian temple and drew from 7 pm to 9 pm . after there we went to TIMES Square and did some out door painting, with a monitor connected to one of our many iPads , and it projected in real time the image while it was being created on the iPad. We were about 20 artists each one of us with our own iPod/iPad wireless device painting on plain air. This experience has been the high light of my life as a digital painter. It was UNBELIEVABLE .

Chepe Cuadra
69 Diamond Street
Saint Albans, VT.05478

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